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Martial Arts


Albert Cornejo's talent and passion for Metal Sculptures was revealed when Poncho Franco gave him a small sculpture of a Barber, "A Nuts and Bolts piece". Albert began welding sculptures and was being influenced by Bob Ashley's poety and paper mache. Albert had realized his own style and it truely is "One of a Kind".



Albert's metal sculptures are created without the use of sketches, tape measures or molds. He works from his imagination and in the moment of inspiration. His sculptures are created using 3 techniques, either using hundereds of unique metal pieces to form a statue's shell, or by dripping hot liquid metal to form a statue, or by cutting and welding various types of metal and wire together, creating an extremly detailed piece.



Albert is now 73 years old and his work will again be exhibited after creating a 30 year sculpture collection. His sculptures could fill 5 large galleries, and only a few select pieces will be assembled for exhibits within the next 2 years.


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