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Martial Arts

Life Story


Albert Cornejo was born in January of 1940 to a Mexican immigrant couple. He grew up in Los Angeles, California and his early days were a struggle, not only to survive, but to also break the mold. After completion of his military service, Albert went to Barber school.




Since then Albert got his 1st job working with Mario Vasquez in west L.A. Albert then moved to Santa Monica, CA and got his 2nd job cutting hair with his childhood friend Johny Rodriquez. A few years went by and Albert opened his own Barber Shop in Santa Monica, California and has spent his entire life focusing on three major areas of discipline....

Metal Art sculptures - Kenpo Martial Arts - and The Art of cutting hair -



Now 50 years later, he is still operating his legendary barber shop at a new location in the Yahoo Business Center of Santa Monica. His client list spans generations and includes legends like Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, Lou Ferrigno, Stan Laurel, Jimmy Lennon, Lawrence Welk and others who have their photographs hanging on the walls of his barber shop.



Albert's contact with Ed Parker and James Wing Woo in Kenpo Karate, has given him the passion to pursue Martial Arts through his life time. Mr. Cornejo has reached the black belt rank of 9th Degree Master. At 73 years of age, Albert, known to his students as "Sifu", still has the energy to teach his hard hitting and fast paced classes.



While cutting hair at his barber shop and studying Martial arts, Albert was also creating his collection of Metal Art work. The sizes ranged from boats perfect for table top display, up to a life sized stagecoach. His work includes animals, latin heritage, boats, religion and other inspirations from his life experiences.


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